We welcome you to Dhaqan Studio, shaping the world of Somali East African Textiles. Get an insight of Hafza's influences and personal journey in the arts. Understand the creative mind behind the brand and escape in the world of colour, print and hand-drawn designs.


“My Art studio is a place i feel free to experiment, imagine and lose myself in my work”

Hafza Yusuf is a Somali-British textile designer, Art educator and founder of Dhaqan Studio. Hafza's love for art and her rich culture led her to pursue a career in textile design, which became a way for her to celebrate the beauty of the Somali culture and preserve Somali textiles and heritage.

meet the founder

'I love to design with purpose and passion' - Hafza Yusuf 

'I fell in love with the colours and patterns so unique to Somali culture. The more I was exposed the textiles the more i wanted to preserve its rich heritage and ensure its continuous growth and evolution' - Hafza Yusuf 

'I want to bring a positive light to the beautiful rich culture we have through design. After the civil war in Somalia, the textile industry we had was greatly affected; some ultimately came to an end. Art is a massive part of our culture, and it needs to be protected' - Hafza Yusuf.



Passion for design and a commitment to creativity. Dhaqan Studio is a textile design studio located in the Royal Albert Wharf area championing arts, culture and creativity. Our in-house designs offer you collections of unique, bespoke, and original fabrics. Designs are delicately hand-drawn and painted in our lovely studio in London, and each piece tells its own visual story of culture and heritage. At Dhaqan Studio, we have a strong sense of identity, an integral part of expressing our brand values. Our "Dhaqan" (Culture) is a significant factor in using our textiles to make others feel empowered.

Building a community through creativity